Hotel Trends of 2018: Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

A new generation of passionate, millennial travelers has been a catalyst for the hotel industry. Hospitality experts are looking to improve their offerings in 2018 as they work to appeal to a changing customer base. A more interactive customer service experience and enhanced common spaces are just a few of the hotel trends to watch for in 2018.

More Connected

Do you need another pillow? No need to call the front desk, soon you’ll be able to do everything from your smartphone. Many hotels already allow guests to complete the check-in process on a smartphone app before their arrival. Others allow guests to unlock their room with a mobile key and text the hotel staff for requests. Soon a hotel’s quality of connective technology will become an industry standard that will factor into how properties are rated.

It isn’t just hotels that are becoming more tech-savvy, rooms themselves come equipped with high-tech amenities. Smart rooms are the next big thing in hotels. Soon guests will be able to adjust room lighting, temperature, and stream their favorite TV shows all from their smartphone. Some hotel chains are experimenting with voice-activated technology in their rooms. Hotel companies are looking for unique ways to customize and personalize the stay of their guests.

Hotel Design

Millennials continue to influence hotel design, inspiring pared-down rooms and enhanced common spaces. While baby boomers are more likely to go to their rooms and work alone or order room service, millennials traveling alone are much more interested in public, shared space.

Nature-inspired and pared-down designs will influence not only guest rooms but the communal space as well. Hotels will be incorporating more live greenery and natural light into their designs. With a focus on connectivity, they will also be adding more discreet power outlets.

Local Experiences

Travelers in 2018 are looking to experience destinations like a local. Hotel companies have begun offering packages which include destination-specific experiences included in the room rate. One Dubai hotel includes a camel ride and dinner for two in the desert in the room rate. Other hotels have curated search engines where guests can book local experiences across hundreds of destinations. Potential evolution of this local-experiences trend would be to see more vacation rentals available through hotel distribution channels.

Hotel Loyalty

Hotel loyalty in 2018 includes online reputation and reimagined loyalty programs. Word of mouth has gone digital, and it has a huge influence on travelers booking hotels. Hotels will be looking into online reputation management as a way to increase bookings and foster customer loyalty online. Many hoteliers will begin sharing special offers that are available online only to catch the attention of travelers and encourage bookings.

Over 60% of frequent travelers use loyalty programs. Hotels will be rewarding these loyal guests with incentives and extras. One reward they can offer is to give travelers a discount for booking directly with the hotel. Leverage travelers’ interest in local experiences by partnering with local businesses and regional specialties to create a memorable stay for guests.

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Conscientious and passionate millennial travelers are influencing the most significant hotel trends of 2018. Impress the guests at your hotel when you offer them Oxford & Wells products in their rooms. Contact us today to learn more about our line of Fine Care Products.