5 Iron Hacks that Don’t Involve Clothes

If your iron and ironing board have been relegated to the laundry room, it’s time to give them a breath of fresh air. There are a multitude of unusual ways to put your iron to good use, and none of them involve clothes. Start with these 5 iron hacks, and be amazed at the power this little appliance packs.

If you’ve accidentally dropped something on your wooden floor or table, you can use a similar technique. In the case of wood, wet the dents, and then place a dampened paper towel over it. Set the iron on the hot setting and in circular motions, move it over the dent for a few minutes. Intermittently check to see if the dent is decreasing. Remember that not all finishes react the same way to steam, so be sure to test this method in an inconspicuous area first.

1. remove dents

If you’ve ever rearranged your furniture, you have likely been faced with obvious dents in the carpet. One of the most effective ways to remove the dents is to place a damp cloth over the area, then run an iron set to the steam setting over the cloth. Make a circular motion over the dent for about thirty seconds and then set the iron aside. Lift the carpet fibers with your fingers or a stiff brush.

2. Remove candle wax from fabrics

Candlelit dinners can sometimes result in a little hot wax spilled onto your carpets or tablecloths. Turns out your iron can also be a wax remover. Start by placing the fabric item in the freezer and leave it in there for approximately thirty minutes. Next, remove the fabric and use a dull butter knife to scrape off the cold wax. Lay a paper towel over the remaining wax and run an iron on low heat to gently coax the wax from the fabric. The paper will absorb what’s left.

3. Get Rid of Head Stains on Wooden Tables

Have you ever accidentally set down a cup of hot tea or coffee on your wooden coffee table, forgetting to use a coaster? If your wooden table has suffered from heat stains, an iron can be used to remove them. Place a thin towel, for example, a tea towel, over the heat stain area. Set your iron to medium heat, with the steam function on, and apply light pressure to the spot for 10 to 15 seconds.

4. Remove Veneer from Furniture

Do you enjoy repurposing old furniture? It’s likely you have encountered pieces that sport a stubborn veneer covering. To remove most types of veneer, place an old towel over the surface of the furniture. Set your iron to its highest setting and with full steam. Run your iron over the towel in a back and forth motion. Eventually, the covering should peel off.

5. Preserve Flowers

Preserve a piece of beautiful fall foliage or flowers from a favorite bouquet using an iron and wax paper. Place your chosen flowers between two sheets of wax paper and press them down with a heavy book to flatten them. While you wait for the flowers to flatten, empty the water from the iron, no steam involved with this iron hack.

Replace the book with a paper towel, and then press the iron over the material to seal. This process will act as a lamination for the flowers, allowing you to preserve both your flowers and the memory of the occasion.

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