Practice Poper Etiquette in the Locker Room

You know which forks to use for which course at dinner, and you know the difference between business formal attire and casual. It’s important to practice proper etiquette wherever we are, and, yes, that even includes the locker room. We know that it’s not easy being naked, and you are likely more comfortable in a perfectly pressed shirt than with a towel wrapped around your waist, but acting like it’s easy being naked, and like it’s no big deal to see other guys being naked, is at the top of proper etiquette in the locker room.

Use A Towel

Towels are in plenty of supply in a locker room, and to be used for a variety of situations. While nudity is an element of locker-room etiquette, it is also polite to be nude as little as possible. If you feel more comfortable wrapping a towel around your waist while you shave, that is perfectly acceptable.

You should also use a towel to sit on. You don’t want any powders or lotions you’ve used to end up on someone else. If you’re worried about germs, you can also use a towel to stand on. While you will often be supplied with paper slippers, that works fine as well, you can choose to stand on a towel instead. Aside from the fact that sometimes putting on the paper slippers feels like you might risk a fall.

Of course, everyone will understand if you want to ditch the towel when you are on the scales, we all know that every ounce counts.

Neatness Counts

Any clothes you remove need to go into your locker. The duffel bag that you brought with you to the locker room needs to go on top of your locker, not on the bench. Placing your bag on the bench means that the fellow with the locker opposite yours has no place to sit. Don’t forget to clean out your locker occasionally. This should be done at least twice a year.

The locker room is a shared space, which is important to remember. Move quickly through your appointed rounds to make room for others. This is particularly important to remember during peak hours.

Be Polite

Never forget to tip the attendant, if allowed. The standard is five dollars per pair of shoes, that is street shoes or golf shoes. If you’re a guest at the locker room, always offer to tip the attendant unless you know for certain that tipping is forbidden. In that case, offer thanks instead. If you are the one inviting a guest to the locker room, it’s polite to alert your locker-room attendant so he can secure a locker for your guest and greet him by name.

While most clubs now allow phone calls in the locker room, it is still polite to keep your calls to a minimum. Not only do you not want to appear to be bragging during your phone call, but there might be private information that needs to be discussed in a more intimate environment.

We know that there is a proper way to handle just about every situation and any article of clothing. At Oxford and Wells we believe that the Proper Way is a mindset about how to conduct our business that exhibits good taste and a desire for excellence. Our Premium Ironing Starch, available in home or travel sizes, was developed to deliver the perfectly pressed outfit wherever you are.