Should You Rent or Buy a Tuxedo

For over 100 years, the ultimate piece of formal wear has been the tuxedo. When you are invited to a black tie affair, you’ll want to be sure you arrive looking as handsome and polished as possible in your tuxedo. That brings you to choice: do you rent a tuxedo or buy one? Here are some factors to take into account when deciding whether you should rent or buy a tuxedo.  

Look at Your budget

Renting will almost always be the most economical choice when it comes to tuxedos. If you don’t wear a tux regularly, buying a tuxedo is a costly investment. Renting is great when you need an outfit for a really specific occasion, like a wedding, and you don’t plan to wear it again. Additionally, when you rent a tuxedo, you may find all, or at least some, of the formal accessories are included with your rental. These accessories include your shirt, tie, shoes, cufflinks, studs, cummerbund or vest, and suspenders.

On the other hand, if you’ll wear the tuxedo more than three times in the next few years, then you need to consider the additional cost of multiple rentals versus the one-time purchase.

Personalization Options

You will have the most style options, from choices in fabric and lapels to pocket treatment and button choices, when your purchase a tuxedo. If you need to wear your tuxedo in warm, summer months, you might prioritize the need for lightweight fabrics. The selection of tuxedos for sale will likely be broader than those for rent.

When you purchase, you’ll also be able to have the tuxedo tailored specifically to you, resulting in a nicer fit than you’ll get from a rental. Finally, you might have some sentimental attachment to your tuxedo, particularly for momentous occasions like your wedding.

If you choose to purchase your tuxedo, you will likely want to choose a classic design, as you’ll want it to last for years. If you prefer to dress in something trendy, then a tuxedo purchase might not be the choice for you.

Consider Your Future

Do you have regular formal work events? Are there multiple weddings approaching for friends and family? If so, then buying a tuxedo can be an investment for the future that you’ll get to use for many years to come.

Are you a groomsman in your friends wedding but never attend other black tie functions? Do you need a tuxedo for a prom, and you’re not quite yet done growing? In these cases, it is most likely a waste of money to buy an expensive garment that will never be worn again or grown out of.  

Let your lifestyle and budget decide whether it makes sense for you to rent or buy a tuxedo. Either way, be a gentleman. Remember that good manners and proper etiquette are the most powerful accessories of them all.

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