For the Best Hotel Guest Experience, Top Hotels Use Oxford & Wells to Surprise and Delight

Today’s hotel amenities go far beyond the bathroom. Travelers want authentic amenities that seek to provide an all-encompassing experience. Hotels that offer co-working spaces and pop-up shops ensure that guests aren’t longing for home. Customers are looking to be have the best hotel guest experience and be wowed by a hotels amenities, and many hoteliers have responded by creating niche experiences for their guests.

hotel amenities

More than ever hotel guests are using hotel bathroom amenities. Airline security restrictions and fees for checking luggage have made these items a necessity. Now it is the subtle gestures that hotels can use to show guests how mindful they are of their needs. Partnering with luxury brand products provides guests with a feeling of quality, ultimately enhancing the hotel’s reputation.

While most hotels provide an iron and ironing board, many don’t think to include companion products. Partnering with Oxford & Wells is one of those subtle gestures that let your guests know you have anticipated their clothing needs. Conscientious business travelers will relish the opportunity to ensure their clothing is freshly pressed.

Our hotel partners recognize that pairing Oxford & Wells premium spray starch with other traditional room amenities offers an enhanced experience for their guests. Hotels have the choice to provide a 12 oz bottle as a guest room amenity or offer a 2 oz, TSA-compliant bottle to guests. The 2 oz bottle can also be included as part of a welcome gift bag for events, such as weddings or conferences.

business travelers

Business travel, in particular, can be stressful. This is one reason hotels are increasing their appeal among business travelers by investing in resources and hi-tech amenities to ease travel stress. Business travelers often spend at least one hour per day using hotel Internet for work purposes, and a majority access the Internet from a hotel’s common area.

While Internet access ranks at the top of a business travelers’ needs, it’s certainly not the only amenity they desire. Business travelers also look for accessible outlets, USB outlets, and in-room chargers for their electronics. Hotels are responding with not only those amenities, but additional high-tech offerings to ease the stresses of business travel. Top hotels are creating dedicated apps designed with business travelers’ needs in mind. These apps supply a range of functions including checking reservation status, managing rewards points, checking in online, requesting services, and even unlocking guest rooms sans keys. And when guests are ready to unwind, hotels are offering a range of spa services.

Offering Oxford & Wells premium, non-aerosol spray starch is another way to meet the particular needs of business travelers. For guests who might arrive with a bag full of wrinkled clothes, being able to quickly and conveniently touch up garments for a professional appearance is a relief. Oxford & Wells 2 oz bottles complement any retailers’ travel-size offerings.

Caring properly for clothing is important to many travelers. Whether you are a hotel, bed and breakfast, or another lodging provider, you can smooth your guest’s travels by offering our line of fine care products. Consumers prefer a better choice when it comes to spray starch. Oxford & Wells premium, non-aerosol ironing starch is both safe and effective. Your guests will appreciate our quality formulation that is scientifically engineered for superior results.