Fashion Trends of 2018

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and fashion trends are heating up. Both fashion and the types of fabric for spring and summer 2018 are inspired by nature and more physical activities. Women’s fashion trends are seeing foliage inspired patterns, men’s fashion trends are inspired by competitive cycling, and clothing fabric for everyone is combining the beauty of nature with the performance of synthetic fabrics.

Fashion Trends for Women

Inspired By Nature

Spring and summer fashion trends are inspired by nature. This trend embraces tangled organic textures inspired by forest foliage. But forests aren’t the only nature trend happening this season. The trend is shaped by minerals, rocks, and the sky. This serene but powerful trend radiates a future focused on sustainability. Expect to see natural textures, open knits, sheer embroideries, rough weaves and densely tangled lace formations.

Soft to the Touch

When it’s hot outside fabrics that are soft to the touch add a comforting aspect to your summer wardrobe. Release your inhibitions as color, pattern, and flowing silhouettes take over. Don’t be afraid to clash –  this feminine trend puts together prints and patterns in folds of cascading fabric. Patterns will include florals, swirling designs, feathers, and solid blocks of warm color.

High Performance

This sportswear market inspires the fashion trend. Fabrics take on high-performance aspects and technical features. High-shine and liquid gloss coatings add dimension to flat color. While waffle textures reference retro sportswear looks, bonded mesh lends lightweight and breathable qualities to activewear.

Fashion Trends for Men

Road Ready

Competitive cycling is the inspiration for performance-enhanced tops and tees. Vibrant color block and sports stitching details on these tops emphasize paneled constructions. These cycle-ready jerseys excuse athleticism with their sponsorship inspired placement graphics. The tops contrast active and waterproof fabrications that also work to create textural blocks.

Cargo Inspired

Cargo inspired styles have a heavy tech focus this season. These utility pieces are elevated, thanks to premium technical fabrications. Concrete grey and khaki tones work to reference both urban and military themes. But lightweight waterproof fabrications enhance the practical qualities of these pieces. And reflective materials offer additional surface interest to the fabric.

Faux Denim Jackets

The faux denim jacket takes an iconic style and refreshes it for summer in a range of fabrics, colors, and prints. While still exuding the cool and classic appearance of the original, these reworked casual jackets offer a host of new styling options. The range of fabric choices available offer a contemporary twist that is perfect for summer.

Textile Trends

This season textile technological advances are taking natural fabrics to the next level.  Natural yarns and eco-friendly fibers are combining with synthetic and performance materials. Think merino wool blended with high-performance synthetics.

High-performing fabrics are incorporated into a variety of clothing styles. These fabrics give high levels of protection and functionality. They can be reflective, high compression, ultra-strong, or light as a feather. They might offer attributes including UV protection, water repellency, or quick drying.

Textiles are vibrant this season with textures, color, and high-performance levels combined in a variety of ways. Fabrics and trims are functional in use but surprising in their style and design. Even hosiery is vivid this season with subtle metallic prints.

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