The Proper Way

Caring for your quality fabrics will keep them looking their best today and for years to come. There is a right way and a wrong way, a haphazard way and…The Proper Way.  The proper way is economically and environmentally responsible, while exhibiting good taste and a desire for excellence. We strive to provide the proper way with Oxford & Wells products.

Our Commitment to the Proper Way

At Oxford & Wells we believe that The Proper Way is not stuffy or rigid, but a mindset about how to conduct our business. Frequently, doing things The Proper Way doesn’t require any extra effort – just a little bit of knowledge. Using our non-aerosol, premium spray ironing starch will gently help your fabrics maintain their proper look, which can be fresh and clean, casually chic, business confident, or even runway ready.

Perfectly pressed clothing has just the right hold without appearing stiff, it never shows press marks, flakes, or streaks, and conveys the faintest fresh aroma that epitomizes clean. Oxford & Wells Ironing Starch was developed to deliver the perfectly pressed outfit. It is available in home or travel sizes so you can remain impeccably dressed and confident, wherever you are.

When you don’t have the time to iron you can look your best by using Oxford & Wells Smooth & Refresh non-aerosol all in one fabric spray designed to relax wrinkles, remove static and reduce odors between laundering.

Our products are made in the USA.