Customer Testimonials

“I love this product! I bought it while on a business trip and now I don’t trust my clothes with anything else. I was so excited that I was able to order this product online too.”

– Josephine M.

“This product functions every bit as “properly” as the sound of the name would imply. This is by far the best product I’ve ever used to achieve an outstanding result.  There’s just a beautiful, comfortable, long lasting finish.”

– Clark W.

“This is the epitome of how a great fabric care brand should look and feel. It has every element of quality that you could look for in this type of product. My loyalty lies with Oxford & Wells.”

– Ryan S.

“I love this starch! Smell is wonderful. This is a light starch-but love that-don’t want the clothes so stiff that I feel as if I am wearing cardboard!”

– Lisa S.

“A wonderful starch. Luxurious and discreet scent. Perfect. Thanks!”

– Liz J.

“Great starch! Nice smell and makes shirts crisp. Tried in a hotel sample bottle and fell in love with it.”

– James T.

“I love this product! I bought it while on business travel and am so excited that I was able to order this product online.”

– Josephine F.

“During a recent hotel stay, a small sample of this starch was stored in the closet, along with the iron and board. This product is amazing. It leaves no residue and is a pleasure to use. I never want to use a basic brand again.”

– Katherine V.

“I used another brand of spray starch before Oxford & Wells and it was pretty good. After reading the comments on Amazon, I decided to try Oxford & Wells Spray Starch. And after receiving my order, the first garment I ironed using this product, I was five-star satisfied with the results. My pants were beautifully creased with a slight pleasant fragrance. I recommend this product.”

– Arthur C.

“The first time I used it was at a hotel in Virginia. I fell in love! I am an ironing fool and this is the starch I have dreamed of. I know it’s sad, but it is true! It is great for any type of fabric and WILL NOT flake. It gives a new finish but will not make your clothes starchy crisp! If you want that buy the cheap stuff.”

– Justin A.

“We were always complaining how the spray starch you buy in the supermarket always leaves a white film on your clothes after you iron them, when we went online and discovered this starch, we thought we should try it…..and using it often, we found it was of the highest quality, did not leave a film, and had a really nice fragrance.”

– Renee D.

“I can’t say enough good things about this product. It is in a class by itself. It makes ironing a breeze and clothes look and smell wonderful. For a treat use it on your pillowcases. You will never want to use anything else.”

– Sharon B.

“The finish this provides is unlike any starch I have used. No drag on the fabric, and my clothes don’t have that hard stiff look. It is perfect for all my linens. Try this product”

– Jane T.

“I never thought I would be excited over a spray starch, but Oxford & Wells Premium Ironing Non-Aerosol Spray Starch is the Best! The mist is super fine, no more spots. The fragrance is light to non-existing. The starch gives a very good firm body to fabric. The best part is that it has cut my ironing time: makes it so much easier! Give it a try – it is worth it!”

– Maria G.

“I am a long term user of the original Oxford & Wells formula, so I was reluctant to try the fragrance free version. Now, I’m hooked.”

– Donnie V.

“Usually when you buy something that is fragrance free you get to put up with some type of chemical smell from the product without the fragrance to mask it. When they say this product is fragrance free they mean it. You literally smell nothing when you use it. I love that.”

– Cindy D.