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Most hotels provide an iron and ironing board, but leave their guests fumbling without the appropriate companion products. When you partner with Oxford & Wells, your guests will appreciate the high quality of our premium spray starch for ironing, and your attentiveness to meeting their needs while away from home.

Some of our partner hotels provide a 12 oz bottle as a guest room amenity. Many more offer a 2 oz, TSA-compliant bottle as an in-room amenity, or have them available for purchase in-room or in the hotel store. The 2 oz size is also frequently included as part of a welcome gift bag for weddings or other events. Your guests will applaud your attention to detail, when it is needed most.

Luxury hotels recognized that pairing Oxford & Wells premium spray starch along with the traditional room amenities offers an enhanced experience for their guests and sets them apart from other hotels.  Whether you are a hotel, bed and breakfast, extended stay or other lodging provider, you can help smooth your guest’s travels by offering our line of fine care products.


Caring properly for clothing and other fabrics is important to many people, and adding Oxford & Wells premium, non-aerosol spray starch to your product line will help you meet that demand. Many travelers arrive at their destination with a bag full of wrinkled clothes and their hotel only offers an iron and ironing board. Discerning travelers can conveniently, quickly and affordably touch up garments for that professional, freshly cleaned look with a TSA compliant 2 oz bottle. Oxford & Wells 2 oz bottles will complement any retailers’ travel-size offerings – and shoppers will appreciate having a premium quality product..

For retailers that desire an effective and environmentally friendly starch, our Oxford & Wells 12 oz bottle is a wonderful alternative that will expand your product line beyond the chemical-laden, heavy spray starch offered in outdated aerosol cans. Consumers prefer a better choice: an ironing starch that is non-aerosol, void of parabens, sulfates, dyes and formaldehyde, and has never been tested on animals.


Oxford & Wells fine care products always impress lodging guests, and will leave your clients grateful that you put thought into the little details. Having our premium, non-aerosol spray starch available when it is most needed will be appreciated by your guests and enhance their experience at your establishment. Wedding coordinators are heroes to guests when a small bottle of Oxford & Wells non-aerosol ironing starch is provided in their welcome bags.


Our environmentally friendly products appeal to those looking to avoid adding harsh chemicals to their clothes and the ecosystem.  Formulated to be free of parabens, sulfates, dyes, and formaldehyde, with no animal testing, Oxford & Wells products are both safe and effective. Our non-aerosol ironing starch features quality formulation that is scientifically engineered for superior results. There are no harmful chemicals or propellants that pollute, and the HDPE packaging is rated SPI Code No. 2 and is fully recyclable.


Purchasing our products in bulk allows you the opportunity to resell our products to your customers and guests. Our TSA approved travel size is a great in-room amenity or as an offering in the gift shop or for any retailer offering travel size products. Retailers will satisfy the demand from shoppers looking for premium quality ironing starch that is made in the USA.  We offer our safe, effective formula in both TSA compliant 2 oz as well as 12 oz bottles. Oxford & Wells appeals to those at home or on the road wanting a way to iron out wrinkles using a non-aerosol spray starch that is void of any parabens, sulfates, dyes, formaldehyde and has never been tested on animals.


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