Why Made in America Matters

More and more shoppers are asking the same question at stores, “is it made in America?” An overwhelming majority of American consumers say they would prefer to buy a product made in America. And more than half are willing to pay more for those made in America products. For some shoppers, it’s a way they to support the American economy and workers. For others, it stems from a belief in American quality and safety. Buying American makes consumers feel good about their choice and lets them feel like they’re contributing to the economy.

It’s no surprise that “Made in America’”labels have selling power. Consumers should know that in order to use the “Made in America” tag, the majority of a product should be of U.S. origin and its final assembly or processing must take place within the 50 states, the District of Columbia, or U.S. territories and possessions.

Strong reputation

American-made goods have long benefitted from a reputation of being well-made and long-lasting. Part of that reputation stems from the fact that American workers are paid well, comparatively, and enjoy safe working conditions. These conditions allow American workers to perform better over time.

A recently renewed pride in American manufacturing has made it even more fashionable for companies to tout their patriotic origins. Many appliance manufacturers have recently moved significant operations back to the USA. Between 2009 and the end of 2014 U.S. manufacturing grew by about 45 percent. About 300 companies have returned to the US, and 646,000 jobs have been added.

high Quality

American manufacturers can look to other countries that also have a high cost of labor for inspiration. Employing a workforce in Italy, Japan, and Germany is a similar cost investment as it is in the U.S. Consumers are willing to pay a premium for products made in these countries because they are often superior, made with skill and care. These companies know that in order to manufacture products in these countries they need to get the very most out of their workforce and their machinery.

If American manufacturers can make products to the same standard as luxury goods coming from Western Europe, Americans will likely want to buy their luxury items “Made in the USA.”

But it isn’t only luxury products that benefit from being made in America, consumers who want to purchase green products are also in luck. Sourcing of recycled materials, including recycled plastic, is plentiful and transparent in the U.S. This makes it easier for companies to manufacture green products domestically. As consumers look for companies who are committed to the environment, there will be further opportunity to support “Made in America” businesses.

Locally made

American consumers are becoming more interested in the best quality product, and not the cheapest product. This is leading many buyers to change where they shop. Mom-and-pop stores are responding to the “Made in America” excitement by creating business strategies devoted to locally made goods. These goods include everything from toys to housewares, as consumers look for safer products that they feel good about purchasing.

Americans want to support American companies, and there is a growing demand for domestically-made goods. American consumers want to get behind their friends, neighbors, and communities to make sure those jobs stay there.

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