What to do While You’re Ironing

Some people might prefer to iron each article as they need it, while others might gather all their ironing and do it all at once. You might wait until the house is quiet at night to enjoy the meditative nature of peaceful ironing. You might utilize the time to multitask and listen to a podcast or make a phone call while you iron. No matter your style, ironing can become a ritual to which you look forward. Whether you are looking to perfectly press your clothes for an upcoming business meeting, or easily smoothing a rumpled tablecloth, it can take time to ensure that things are done the proper way. Here are some ideas for what to do while you’re ironing.

A Chance to Be Quiet

Everyone in the house is asleep. You set your phone and other devices to silent. The only noise is the hiss of steam from the iron. After all the hustle and bustle, ironing at the end of a long day may be the perfect chance to be quiet. Let the repetitive motion of the iron and the disappearance of wrinkles induce a state of calm before bed. Ironing will give you the chance to focus on and accomplish a single task, without the need for any other interaction.

A Chance to Listen

If ironing at the end of the day just sounds too quiet, it is also the perfect opportunity to explore new music. Listening to great music can make you feel happier, lower stress, and even help you sleep better. Put a little dance in your step while you turn wrinkled linens into a crisp, clean wardrobe for the week ahead.

Music isn’t the only thing you could enjoy listening to while you iron, you can find podcasts on thousands of different topics from news and arts to sports and comedy. The vast majority of podcasts are free to listen to and can be found on a variety of popular platforms. Podcasts are a great way to get inspired, educated, or escape.

A Chance to Talk

Maybe you want to do more than just listen to other people talk, and you’d like to join the conversation. Use the time while you are ironing to make a phone call. Check in with Mom or call a friend to chat. Texting might be a fast way to keep in touch, but it is also much less personal. A phone call makes it easier to pick up on nonverbal cues that you miss in a text. So dial a number, or more likely click a name on your contacts list, and enjoy the conversation while you treat your clothes to steam.

No matter how you choose to spend your time while you iron let it be something that you enjoy, that way when you’re finished, you will feel as refreshed as your clothes. With Oxford and Wells our subtle, clean fragrance and flawless, medium-hold, ironing starch won’t flake, streak, or spot. Find out how using our environmentally friendly non-aerosol spray starch when ironing helps your clothing maintain a fresh, crisp look that leaves a lasting impression.