The Proper Way to Look Good in Your Online Profile Picture

Winning or losing a person’s attention with your profile picture is less about your looks than you might think. We draw conclusions about a person based on a photo within 40 milliseconds. That’s less than one-half of one-tenth of a second. What you are doing in your profile picture can affect how you are perceived. That’s why it is essential to have the right profile picture. Here are the proper ways to look good in your online profile pictures.

Highlight Your Interests

Let your profile photo be the conversation starter. By highlighting your interests, you have the possibility of finding someone who shares that interest. Using a profile photo that shows you engaged in a favorite activity is an opportunity to showcase your interests along with your appearance. Whether that is rock climbing or painting, your photo is showing visitors that you lead a full and engaging life.

Be Social

Not every photo needs to be a selfie. Photos with friends and family, or even your pet, are an opportunity to show off your social side. These photos let you look happy and natural, making you feel approachable. They let other people know that you are fun to be around and that others enjoy your company. The key is to only include small group photos, yourself and one to two other people. Large group photos make it difficult for people to spot you.

Dress To Impress

The outfit you choose for your profile photo should be as carefully considered as the outfit you wear to a first date. This go-to outfit is the one that makes you feel cool and confident. Making the effort for your profile photo just as you would for a first date guarantees that you will be looking your best. With the bonus that when you meet someone in real life, you will look like you do in your photos.

Wear what makes you feel confident. The more confident you feel, the better, happier, and more relaxed you will appear in your photos. Confidence is attractive, and people are drawn to it. A few different styles you might consider:

  • Current season: If it’s January you want a photo that shows you in a wintery setting wearing winter clothes. Pick casual activewear that fits well, like a pair of stretch chinos, and introduces a pop of color.
  • Everyday fit: An approachable look, something you would wear on a daily basis. Choose dark-wash jeans that are appropriately hemmed and a well-fitting T-shirt.
  • Cocktail cool: This is your going-to-get-drinks-after-work-on-Friday outfit. A simple cocktail dress for women and great slacks for men. Corduroys are a great date-pant because they are soft and nice to touch. Men should wear slacks with an ironed, white oxford shirt layered with a crew-neck sweater.  
  • Weekender: Light-wash denim, a simple well-fitting t-shirt, and your favorite casual shoes. Layer a soft sweater over the t-shirt for extra comfort.

Don’t forget to include some bold accessories. That’s good advice for men and women. Embrace color as people appreciate bold, bright colors in photos. Always choose clothes that are well-fitting or tailored for you.

Best Practices

Once you know the types of pictures to take and what to wear, there are a few more best-practice tips we want to share for taking the proper profile picture:

  • Don’t block your eyes
  • Define your jawline
  • Show your teeth when you smile
  • Select head to waist cropped photos
  • Try a slight squint to appear more confident

Profile photos are your first introduction to a lot of people, and Oxford & Wells wants to make sure you look your best. You can trust our products to help you create a lasting impression, both online and offline. Visit our website to purchase our fine care products.