How to Confidently Pack for a Cruise


Cruises offer vacationers many enticements including world travel, excursions, relaxation, entertainment, and fine dining all with the convenience of never having to repack and change rooms. With so many activities to look forward to, you’ll want to make sure you pack the appropriate attire and accouterments.

Travel Necessities

Cruising is a unique way to visit new places. Before you set sail to a foreign port, make sure you pack your passport. If your cruise starts and ends in the U.S., you may be fine with a copy of your birth certificate. Check with the cruise line to make sure you have the proper identification for each port. Best practice is to leave copies of your identification at home.


In order to maximize your fun, bring a tote bag as a “carry-on” of sorts with a few essentials, including swimwear, so you can dive right into the on-board entertainment while your luggage is delivered to your cabin. Use this same bag for excursions and bringing home souvenirs. You can also use this bag to carry snacks for when you are off the ship.


A vacation centered around sailing the ocean is certainly going to include water activities. Whether at the pool, at the beach, or on an expedition, you will likely be wearing swimwear daily. Consider whether you anticipate wearing a new swimsuit every day, or if you plan on rinsing and rewearing items. Your room will have a handy drying rack.

The cruise ship will provide towels for you, but you’ll want to pack the following:

  • Swim cover-ups
  • Flip-flops
  • Bathing suits
  • Sun hats
  • Sunglasses
  • SPF
  • Aloe vera
  • Bug spray
  • Swimmer’s ear medicine
  • Motion sickness medicine


Evening activities onboard may very well have a dress code. Check your itinerary and bring a few options to dress smartly, including a cocktail dress or suit if your ship has a formal night. It can feel quite cool in the breezy, evening, sea air, so we suggest bringing a lightweight shawl or wrap as well.

You won’t want to wear flip-flops with your suit, so don’t forget the appropriate dress shoes. You may also want a pair of sneakers to hit the gym or to wear on an excursion. Bring some athletic wear and a reusable water bottle and check out the exercise classes offered onboard.

You’ll need plenty of daytime clothing as well. Pack several outfits you can wear around the ship, travel to and from the ship, on excursions, and a couple you can wear to eat in the dining room. Ensure that you bring a travel size bottle of Oxford & Wells spray starch, as you’ll want to keep your clothes looking sharp.

Relax and Enjoy

With the essentials packed, you can think of how you will spend your downtime onboard. Make sure you bring chargers for all electronics, and a portable charger is a good investment for when you’re on the go. Those days at sea may pass more comfortably if you pack some reading material as well.

However you spend your time, don’t forget the camera and to take lots of pictures to remember your vacation. You can travel confidently, both on land and on sea, thanks to Oxford and Wells fine care products. Visit our website to find our convenient travel size spray starch products.