Healthy Eating on the Road

Anytime you’re away from home and your routine, it can be easy to get off track when it comes to healthy eating on the road. There’s no reason for a busy, business-travel-filled lifestyle to set you back when it comes to eating right. Follow this guide and avoid the pitfalls of travel to stay healthy and feeling your best.


Pack snacks loaded with nutrients and protein to keep you sustained while you’re on the go. You never know if there will be delays in travel or pop-up meetings so anticipate your needs and always have something on hand. Think beef jerky, nuts, and grain-free granola bars.

The flight itself can be exhausting. Start your trip on the right foot by checking out the snacks offered in-flight (many sell protein boxes).


Traveling can drain and dehydrate you. Keep a water bottle around and drink about 8 ounces an hour. Oftentimes, when you feel hungry, you’re really just thirsty. Keep cravings at bay and prevent dehydration by drinking enough water.


Don’t forget to take your vitamins. A boost of vitamin C will help you fight off germs from the flight and shaking hands. Melatonin will help you adjust to a new time zone and get a good night’s sleep. Sleep will not only help you function better, but it’s also linked to making better food choices.

Supplements are also an easy way to make sure you’re getting a balanced diet while you’re on the go. You may be more focused on agendas or trying a famous joint than getting the proper servings of fruits and vegetables; if so, powdered greens can make up the difference. Adding a little protein to your coffee is a great way to start off your day. Power up for a day of business with some vanilla whey protein powder.

Eat frequently

Snack on that dried fruit you packed every couple of hours and avoid a hunger meltdown. Not only will you ensure you won’t wind up so desperately hungry you eat something you’ll regret, additionally, but you’ll also stay energized and on top of your game.

Plan Ahead

Do a little research before you get to your destination and look up some healthy dining options. If you know what is available, you will be less likely to stop at the first junky fast-food place you pass when hunger strikes.

When you’re out for a meal, search for proteins and avoid anything fried. High-protein meals will keep you full and running more efficiently. Steer clear of foods smothered in sauce or high in carbs.

Another surefire way to support healthy eating on the road and avoid extra calories is to limit the alcohol. It’s best to stick to two drinks when you’re out. Any more and you might not be thinking clearly and may end up ordering and consuming more food than you should.

Treat yourself

You don’t have to shun all treats while traveling but do practice some discipline and limit yourself to one high-calorie item a day. Get the beignet, try the tres leches, sample the gelato, just don’t do it all at once. Spend your carbs wisely.

Happy Traveling

Following this guide to healthy eating on the road will ensure you remain a happy traveler on your next business trip. Eat and hydrate often and make smart decisions at meals and your palate, tummy, and waistline will have a happy trip. Don’t forget to pack Oxford & Wells when you travel for business and see how our premium fine care products will help you look prepared and confident.