Stiff Starch is Out — The new revolution in starching

Clothes make the man, or so said Mark Twain. He may have gotten the idea from Shakespeare who said: “apparel oft proclaims the man.” Either way, they both knew that you should dress to impress. Great clothes need a line of fine care products to keep them looking new and minimize the chances of the clothing being ruined. You might want your shirt to maintain a crisp, fresh look for a business meeting. Or you have a rumpled tablecloth that needs to be smoothed before guests arrive. We know that there are hundreds of different fabrics in your life that need special care. That’s why we’d like to “clothes” the deal on starch. There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions about starch, and we are here to clean those up.

Misconception: Starch Makes Clothes Itchy

This is easily the most common myth that persists about laundry starch. While people can be allergic to laundry starch, just like they can be allergic to other laundry products, not all starches are created equal.

The myth that starch makes clothes itchy is often commonly associated with the idea that laundry starch is made up of lots of strange chemicals or artificial means. That just isn’t true at Oxford & Wells. The base of laundry starch is really the same thing that is found in flour, potatoes or corn.

Oxford & Wells Fine Care Products are made in America with premium natural ingredients. Our products are 100% recyclable and cruelty-free. That means that they are as good for the environment as they are for your clothes.

Rumor: Use More Starch

The saying a little goes a long way is certainly applicable to laundry starch. In the past, if your clothes have felt stiff and uncomfortable after they have been starched it is likely that the starch was improperly applied. Starched clothes should not become so stiff and brittle that they are uncomfortable.

There was a time when ceremonial occasions called for shirts starched so stiffly that they resembled cardboard or armor plate. But that particular fashion trend has been on a  downward spiral  since tuxedos were introduced in 1896.

Starch, when used in the proper quantities, should make your clothes hold their shape and form. If you have had a bad experience with over-starched clothes in the past, then prepare to be delighted when you try Oxford & Wells. Clothes starched with Oxford & Wells are how great fabric care should look and feel.

Oxford & Wells is here to help you make a great first impression, whether in the boardroom or around the dinner table. You can safely spray our starch on your quality linens with confidence. Every day isn’t a black tie affair, but we know you always want to look your best. Whether you are in need of a perfectly pleated dress or a neatly folded and pressed pocket square, we stand behind you. Oxford & Wells Fine Care Products can be found at many upscaled hotels for the conscientious traveler and are also available for purchase on our website.