7 Survival Tips for Wedding Planners

Putting together a magical wedding for a bride and groom is sure to involve happiness, hysteria, and high-stress. That’s why we put together these 7 survival tips for wedding planners.  

Create Checklist

Your checklist should include everything you need to take to the wedding. Create a ceremony timeline and a reception time. Other items to include on your checklist would be a list of vendors, setup details or notes, and a room diagram. Make copies of these checklists for assistants and vendors to keep everyone on the same page and things moving smoothly.

pack snacks

Wedding days are long, they start early and finish late. The majority of the time, as the wedding planner, you won’t have time to sit down and eat a meal throughout the entire day. Bring power snacks with you that you can eat on the go throughout the day.

Layer your clothes

Having layered clothing is especially important for outdoor events. But even indoor events can change in temperature throughout the day and, depending on the activity, from setup to reception. If the setup for the wedding is particularly lengthy, you might consider having a change of clothes. You can wear casual clothes and shoes for the setup and then change into professional clothes for the actual wedding and reception.


Never ever wear high heels. It may be tempting to want to dress to impress, but weddings are long events, and you will be on your feet for up to 12 hours. If you feel you must have heels at some point during the day, bring two pairs of shoes. One pair of flats to wear for the majority of the day, and heels for any special moments that require them.

prepare for the unexpected

As a wedding planner, you will frequently find yourself doing things you have never done before. You might find you need to keep things going when the power goes out. Or you will suddenly need to fold a hundred napkins when the catering staff can’t seem to do it correctly. A bridesmaid will have a broken heel moments before she needs to walk down the aisle and you will need to give her a solution. You might find yourself holding up a cake so it can be photographed while being cut without falling to the ground. Be flexible and always willing to learn new skills to ensure a smooth day for the bridal party.

pack an emergency kit

You never know what is going to happen on the day of a wedding, so it’s best to have plenty of remedies on hand. Your emergency kit should contain things like aspirin, antihistamines, and band aids.

You should also keep a variety of pins on hand including safety pins, bobby pins, and hairpins. For hairpins, make sure you have these in different colors to match different color hair. You never know when you’ll need to fix a wisp of hair before photos.

Speaking of pins, make sure you know how to pin on a boutonniere. The florist rarely handles this, and the bridal party might not know how it is to be done. With a little practice, you can know what to do to make sure everyone looks their best.

spray starch

Always carry a small container of Oxford & Wells spray starch for last-minute pressing. Our premium spray starch leaves a clean fragrance and won’t flake, streak or spot. A quick touch up can achieve a just-cleaned look and might even save the wedding day.

Wedding planning is not an easy business, but it is a rewarding one. With these 7 survival tips, you will be sure to always look your very best. Oxford & Wells knows that perfectly pressed clothing has just the right hold without appearing stiff. Shop now, our premium non-aerosol spray starch is available in home or travel sizes so you can remain impeccably dressed wherever you are.