5 Creative Uses for Spray Starch

Grandma knew that using spray starch kept clothes looking new. But she might not have known spray starch’s many other uses. Oxford & Wells knows that there are a wide range of fabrics in your life, and there are just as many uses for our spray starch fine care products. These creative uses for spray starch will make your life so much easier.   

1. Prevent stains

Table linens, clothes, even your shoes can benefit from spray starch! If you love bringing out your best table linens for the holidays, but worry about spills, use spray starch to help prevent stains on table linens.

Spraying your linens with starch before setting the table creates a protective barrier that prevents kid messes, wine spills, and other food and drink stains from setting right away. This barrier gives you the chance to clean up a spill or mess before it does permanent damage to your favorite linens.

Table linens aren’t the only fabric that can benefit from this protective barrier. Use spray starch on clothing to prevent stains as well, great if you have a small child who drops food or spills things on their clothes. You can even spray starch on canvas shoes to repel dirt and keep them looking cleaner longer. Spraying starch on your shoes will also make cleaning them easier!

2. Beautiful Table settings

Have you ever hosted a dinner party and tried folding cloth napkins into a fancy design for each place setting? But instead of standing up perfectly the napkins fell over and lost their shape. The trick to folding a picture-perfect cloth napkin is spray starch. Apply spray starch to your cloth napkins first, and then fold them to perfection.

Cloth napkins aren’t the only linens that can benefit from spray starch. If you want to create a stunning tablescape, you know you need lovely decor and dishware, but you also need wrinkle free linens. Use spray starch with ironing to ensure a polished look.

3. Temporary Adhesive

Spray starch works as a temporary adhesive for fabrics. Use spray starch to hang fabric, preferably a thin fabric, to create a removable fabric wallpaper that adheres well to any completely flat and clean surface. Use this trick to create a photo booth at your next party using a wall and some fabric. A straight edge, like a ruler, works well to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles. Cut the excess fabric away with a rotary cutter and allow the fabric to dry.

You could also use this trick to hang temporary fabric wallpaper to create an accent wall in a small space. Or you could cover the back of a bookshelf with fabric for a pop of color or pattern.

4, Stiffen Paper Crafts

Spray starch doesn’t just have to be for fabrics. This spray starch life hack is for paper. There are a variety of crafts that can benefit from spray starch, including paper crafts. Spray starch is a great way to stiffen and preserve 3D paper crafts like flowers. The spray starch makes these crafts much more durable.

5. Make Ironing Faster

Oxford & Wells Spray Starch helps release wrinkles, which makes ironing faster. Not only will ironing be faster when you use spray starch, but it will also be more effective. That’s a win-win!

Oxford & Wells knows that there are many creative uses for spray starch for a range of household tasks. Make sure to keep a bottle or two on hand for all the fabrics in your home, from clothes to linens and even your canvas shoes. Our products are made with premium natural ingredients and are as good for the environment as they are for your favorite fabrics. Come see the entire line of Oxford & Wells fine care products.